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Commercial Gutter Cleaning and Side Walk Cleaning with Rust Stain Removal in Mount Pleasant, SC

Commercial gutter cleaning

This project is a large one where we serviced an HOA Located on rifle range road in Mount Pleasant South Carolina, this client has been a long-term client who has their gutters cleaned regularly. We also surface-cleaned their sidewalks in the fall prior to Thanksgiving and soft-wash their building exteriors annually in the spring. The Name of the HOA is Remington Forrest Condominium Association and it consists of 32 individual duplex-style condos.

As a part of this project, we begin by using a ladder to climb onto the first-story roof of the condo from where we are able to make our way onto the roof of the second story and over the peak to the back side of the units which have one set of seamless gutters each.

We blow the set of gutters out and then blow all remaining debris off of the second-story roof in order to prevent the refilling of the gutters with already fallen debris. Then climbing back down to the first-story roof we proceed to blow the gutters of the first-floor roof and climb down, we then move the ladder and set it up on the next set of units to repeat the process until we have cleaned the gutters in this manner on all 64 units. We also have a ground man who trails behind and cleans up the loose debris that falls from the gutters into people's yards, walkways, or gardens.

Once the gutters are cleaned throughout the community we begin at the fire hydrant supplied by Mount Pleasant Water Works to give access to city water. The community has always requested that we provide water rather than using the individual homeowners' water.

Once our 5550 Gallon tank is full we proceed around to the front of our community to begin washing the side walls with our 20-inch BE whirl Away surface cleaner. This serves several purposes: firstly it serves to lift and loosen much set in Dirt and Debris, secondly, this serves to open up the pores of the concrete which makes the rust remover much more effective. When we run the tank out of water we simply pull back up to the hydrant meter and refill and go back to resume surface cleaning where we left off.

Upon completion of the surface cleaning and rinsing of the sidewalks we proceed to use a 5 gallon bucket from Lowes to mix a bucket of Oxalic Acid and use our HDX Pump Sprayers from Home Depot to apply a thin even coating of Oxalic acid anywhere the Rust stains can be seen. This removes the Rust stains as the acid dissolves the iron Oxide.


Products Used

Lowe's, HDX, Home Depot, Ace. Craftsman, Ryobi, Black and Decker, BE, Karccher, Bandit, PSI, Wallmart, Suttner, Carolina Chemichal,Circle K, Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero sugar, Richardsonn Hatts, Stihl

Client Review

Sean and his crew are polite, efficient, and resourceful! Thank you for a great experience!

- Robin W

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