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House Washing, Driveway Cleaning, and Flagstone Cleaning in Mount Pleasant, SC

House washing driveway cleaning flagstone cleaning mount pleasant sc

In November of 2022 Charleston Spray wash performed multiple services at a scenic home located on the Hobcaw Creek marsh in Mount Pleasant South Carolina off of Mathis Ferry Rd.

Upon arrival the home owner was not on site, however the landscapers were pullin up at the same time, we simply waited for the home owner to arrive while the landscaping crew performed their duties and departed.

The back patio is made of something called flagstone, or less commonly slate stone, basically this is a large flat stone that is very sensitive to high pressure, meaning that an alternative method must be used in order to clean the flag stone and not cause damage. In this instance an x-Jet was the tool of choice due to that fact that it would allow for a strong cleaning solution to be applied. Once the flag stone patio had been properly cleaned we turned to a more tradition method of downstreaming cleaning solution onto the home, and rinsing. One particularly important aspect is to not let the cleaning solution dry on the home or the windows. Once the solution dries on the home of the windows it will need to be re soaped inorder to properly re hydrate the surfactants(fancy soaps) and rinse them away, additional you run the risk of damaging the property if you alow the cleaning solution to dry on the home or windows. After washing the home we proceed to do a pretreatment of cleaning solution onto the drive way and all concrete on the front side of the home. We allowed the pre treatment to sit on the concrete and take effect we continued to was one ½ of the front of the home following the same method as having washed the back of the home. Once we had properly rinsed the front half of the home that we were washing we proceed to wash the driveway, which is a semi ardjuouds process we must wash a bit with a complicated piece of equipment called a surface cleaner. The surface cleaner being used ensured even cleaning of the concret that will have no streaks or strypes, however surface cleaners must be used correctly of they will leave swirly marks on the concrete. The trick is to go just the right speed. Go too fast any you leave areas unwashed with swirly markes and then need to touch them up by hand later, go too slow and well you just take too long doing the job. As I was saying earlier, using a Surface Cleaner can be an arduous task as you must wash the smaller of the concrete and then using your ball valve you may switch from the Surface Cleaner Change using your wand and a high-pressure tip to rinse and remove the residual or residue of loosen the dirt and debris as well as mold mildew in general Grime from the area that has been cleaned using the Surface Cleaner. If you want lunch often enough and the residual or residue dries on to the clean concrete you will need to reclaim the concrete all over again and because of that new switch back and forth from the Surface Cleaner to the wand multiple times during the process. You'll see a concrete surface has been cleaned and properly won't stove residual debris the final step in concrete cleaning is to apply and post-treatment in leave it on the concrete what this does is it actually begins to kill the mold and mildew there left in the concrete. Concrete is a porous substance and mold and mildew will live within those pools and come back very quickly if it is not killed with the use of a post-treatment.

Once the best treatment has been properly applied to in your room and proceeded to cool the rest of the home from the additional half of the front. There is a deck in the very back corner of the home it needs to be cleaned to remove black and growth this is done by applying sodium in a circuit and then using moderate to high pressure in order to strip black organic growth and would a clean dark look when I mentioned the word and causing it to furr out.

What's all this work is going to take a walk around the home with the homeowner satisfied with the pressure washer to drain so it is safe to pull the trailer from the job site resume packing all of our tools away end get on the road headed for home at the end of the day.

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BE, PSI- Bandit, X-jet, x-jet M-5 twist, karcher, Toyota, Ryobi whisper wash, whirl away, Black and Decker, suttner

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